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Hello welcome to my wonderful Tamagotchi section of my homepage.Take your pick from the contents.

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(23/3/98) A few small updates, in the angelgotchi section there are some tricks to teach your angel and in the main home page you can play PONG! One important new thing are adverts, read the article below for some info.




Would you like to see some FREE competitions with prizes on Tamagotchi Universe??? There is an easy way to create the money for prizes. Just click on the advert at the top of this page and at the top of the main home page a couple of times. Every time you click on one of those adds you are adding a couple of cents to the competition fund. If 20 of you click on those adds 10 times then that is already one competition set up, If 40 of you click on those adds 10 times then there is a competition with a VP as a prize! So click a couple of times. Heck, you might even find something interesting on the end of one of those adds.