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The Tamaga Emulator An excellent emulator for Windows, created by get it from

Tamagotchi Simulator Just like the real thing ! By get it from

Pc Whiskers A virtuall cat. By get it from

Happy House A pet hamster for your PC. By get it from

Tamago Another Tamagotchi Simulator. By get it from

Nest-Chi A virtuall pet for windows. By Nest Soft, get it from

Pixl Pal A virtual pet for windows. By get it from

Desktop 'Things'

Tam Companion A tamagotchi that sits on your desktop and winks at you. By get it from

Tamagotchi Icons Very cool icons for your PC desktop. By get the gen1 ( or gen2 (

Animated Cursor An animated Tamagotchi cursor. By get it from

E-Sheep A cool sheep that runs around your desktop. By get it from

Top Cat A cat that chases your pointer around the desktop. By Get it from!.exe


Tamagotchi RPG A cool game. By Get it from


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