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Please email me with the name if the dead tamagothci, their age,their death date and a line or two with a rememberence message. I will place them in the yard as soon as possible.

Name : Romeo
Age : 25 years
Death date : 18/6/97
 You were my first tam. Very much missed :-( 

18, "Tammy" 12-1-97 (Death Date)

Awwwwww...Tammy!! You were my very, very, very, very first Tam and I
loved you ever so dearly!! I can't believe you left me! And at 18 yrs
only? Awwwww...poor Tammy!!!R.I.P

17, Tommy, 12-17-97 (death date)

Oh my! I'm sorry I left you at home! That's probably why you left me!
I'm ever so sorry! I mean, am I that bad of a mother?


Name : Sherbert

Age : 17

Stage : Ginjero-Chi

Oh I loved you sherbert you were so sweet and happy as you twirled around the screen.


Name : Taccy-Pa

Age : 8

Stage : Tarako-Chi

You were sweet even though you were a Tarako-Chi


name: tommy
age: 45
death:left at home!
i looooooooooooooooooved you