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Tamagotchi P1 Characters

One of the best things about the Tamagotchi is the amount of different characters (11 in total) here is a some information of their personalities, what they can become, their bedtimes and some tips on getting them.

Name : Babi-Chi
Bed Time : He has a nap
The Babi-Chi is the first character you get. Unfortunately he needs Lots of attention just like a real baby. After about an hour it will change into a Maru-Chi

Name : Maru-Chi
Sleeps : 8pm - 9am
The Maru-Chi is a child. It likes rushing around the screen a lot. He needs some attention but he can go for twenty minutes without losing a heart. Soon he will change into a Tama-Chi or a Kutchitama-chi.

Name : Tama-Chi
Sleeps : 9pm - 9am
The Tama-Chi is a very laid back teenager. It just sits there. It doesn't need much attention and is a good character to get. He can turn into any of the Adult characters.

Name : Kutchimata-Chi
Sleeps : 9pm - 9am
The Kutchimata-Chi is another active character. It isn't as good as the Tama-Chi and it can only turn into a Nyoro-Chi, Tarako-Chi or a Kutchipa-chi.

Name : Mame-Chi
Sleeps : 10pm - 9am
The Mame-chi is the best character you can get in your little egg. It needs little attention, is never naughty and lives for ages. Unfortunately it is a classic example of old age syndrome (as it gets older it needs more and more attention up to the point where it loses a heart every 5 minutes). To get the Mame-Chi you must treat your Tamagotchi really well and have it very low weight and full dicipline.

Name : Ginjiro-chi
Sleeps : 10pm - 9am
The Ginjiro-chi is another good character. It twirls around the screen like a ballerina. It needs little attention but does't live as long as the Mame-Chi.

Name : Masuku-Chi
Sleeps : 11pm - 11am
The masuku-chi character is a little bit weird. It is one of the largest characters, it has very ferocious teeth making it look like the wildest Tamagotchi character. It can change into the Secret character as well. To get the Masuku-Chi you must treat it well but discipline it when not needed.

Name : Kutchipa-chi
Sleeps : 10pm - 9/10am
The kutchipa-chi is the average character to get. It is also the main character in the game (its the one in the manual e.t.c) its quite laid back but isn't a brilliant character to get.

Name : Nyoro-chi
Sleeps : 10pm - 9am
The Nyoro-Chi isn't a good character. It needs quite a lot of attention and is very skinny. It also doesn't live very long, as it's very sickly. You get the Nyoro-Chi if you neglect your Tama.

Name : Tarako-Chi
Sleeps : 10pm - 10am
The Tarako-Chi is the worst character you can get. But it is very difficult to get, you really have to treat your tama bad. The Tarako-Chi is big and fat and very lazy. All it does all day is wiggle on screen. It's even bigger than the Maskuku-Chi.

Name : Oyaji-chi
Sleeps : 10pm - 9am
The Oyaji-Chi is the secret character. Some say it looks like Bill Clinton! The oyaji-chi is a good character to get it can also live evan longer than a Mame-Chi. The oyaji-chi is very rare. To get it you must get a Masuku-Chi then treat it really well. The oyaji-chi does have a resemblance to the Masuku-Chi like it's big teeth!

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