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WHAT IS AN Angelgotchi

An angelgotchi is the next generation of Tamagotchis, sometimes it is also refered to as the Tamagotchi angel. The angelgotchi is very different from the Tamagotchi, it starts of as an angelgotchi going home then after 5 minutes it changes into a baby ange.

The new features are

Feed You feed it Pie or Chocolate, sometimes when you give it chocolate a bat comes down and tries to steal the chocolate, you must tap the case to scare the bat off or the happiness meter will go down.

Praise You now praise the angel when it worships you instead of disciplining it

Play You have to help your angel jump over shooting stars

Index There is no more weight you now see :

Age (obvious)

Tenshi Power (increase by feeding)

Happiness (increase by praise when it worships you)

Stomach (increase by feeding)

Confidence (increase by playing with it)

Stroll When it is an adult a door sometimes appears by the angel, you select praise to send your angel out and then tap it to call it back. Sometimes when it comes back it may look different.


Most of the other options are back too. Some other cool things are :


There are many more characters now (1 baby, 1 child, 2 teenages, 5 adults, 3 secret, 1 super secret and a devil) these can be seen in the Growth Chart

One of the most popular new characters are twins

This is what the best character looks like

This is one of the secret characters ( a samuri lord )


Here are some places you can get angelgotchis from




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