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Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Angelgotchi, it you have any more questions e-mail me , and I will try to include them.

Whats All This About A Door?

Does My Angel Have To Be A Certain Age To Stroll?

I am Confused About The Touch Screen

What Is Angel Power?

Is Feeding your Angel Candy Bad For It?

Where Is The Bat?

Does The Bat Always Leave?

Should There Be A 3 vs 2 thing in the Game?

How Long Does Each Stage Last?

Whats All This About A Door?

Every so often a door will apear on you Angel's screen (on some american angels the screen will be blank) you must praise it and the door will open, this is not bad it is just your Angel going for a walk. Then your Angel will pop out doing a task, sofar I have seen it weight lifting, looking mad and looking shocked with it's halo fallen off. There is a different 'door animation' for every character.

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Does My Angel have to be a certain age to stroll

No it goes for a stroll about once every day

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I am confused about the Touch Screen

Sometimes when you feed your Angel candy a bat will apear, to scare off the bat you must tap the Angel, although it says touch screen DO NOT TAP THE SCREEN it will break it, tap the side of the egg. If you are unsucesful the deeds level will go down.

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What's Angel Power?

Angel power is not like weight, it is more like happiness. You increase it by feeding your Angel candy, the higher the level the better. Different characters have different max levels of Angel power.

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Is feeding your Angel candy bad for it?

From what I have seen, no. The candy is no longer a substitute for game, it has it's own meter. I know many people who have fed their Angel loads of candy just to scare the bat and nothing has gone wrong.

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I've fed mine several snacks and never seen the bat where is he???

The bat is Bad! It comes about every 20 times, but less as the Angel grows.

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Does Tapping Always Scare The Bat Away? Mine Leaves every 5 times

If you do it correctly the bat should always leave.

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Shouldn't their be a 3 vs 2 sort of thing after the game? I only get 4 Babitchi's with halos

No their should be a vs score. That has been scrapped, the 4 Babitchi angels are normal.

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How Long Does Every Stage Last?

It will change every day until it's adult form, it then can become a secret character when it's about 6.

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